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Engeneering & Data Science


The search
for knowledge by Luis Otávio Silveira Martins

Everything started on 2007 when Luis Martins was admitted to CEFET (Federal Center for Technological Education). Since then, he constantly learned and applied his knowledge in many different ways.

After working extensively in industrial areas and with the aeronautics apex, Luis Martins decided that the best possible career path to achieve his dreams would be through an exchange program.

Fighting his fears of an unstable life, he made a milestone decision. He abandoned a solid career in Brazil for an unexpected career in Data Science during his staying in Canada.

Since 2015, Luis started to learn neural networks and everything that is related to extraction, transformation and loading of data. His inherent curiosity turned out into a real experience after a summer internship at IBM Canada. That lead him to several data projects for american and  brazilian clients.

Currently, Luis works to build the authority of his two companies: Optme and Data Sprints.


Current projects:


Who am I?

Worked across many fields and knowledgeable about several areas: technical sales, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding and cutting, aeronautics, composite structures, lofting, CAD, CAE, CAM, technical drawing/drafting, programming, rapid prototyping, Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning

On the other hand, Luis is a literature, theology and philosophy lover. Since very young, he learned how to draw. Abandoned his guitar passion for  a couple of years, but wants to get back to classes. Nowadays, has a pleasant joy with ballroom dance to enjoy the present, short mechatronics projects to remember the past, and programming courses to prepare for the tomorrow.



Feel free to send me a question, a thank you or just some constructive criticism. 

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